The Old Country Store and Museum

1011 Whittier Highway, Post Office Box 186 Moultonborough, NH 03254 USA

Stephen Holden, Cecile Holden and Jo Hayden,

Laurie Holden

Open Year Around 7 Days a Week

Perhaps the oldest in the United States, A store since 1781. 228 years old.

In 1777 General Jonathan Moulton sold this piece of land to Samuel Burnham "with barn frame thereon". It was sold again in 1779 to George Freese, "trader", Records of Bradbury Richardson, one of the first settlers, show transactions between the two - "labors for goods, July 30, 1781". Hollands New Hampshire, printed in London, England March 1, 1784 shows the store as the only building in this part of town. The year the fieldwork was done is not known. The store is among the oldest in the country and also one of the oldest surviving businesses of any kind. It has been the scene of town meetings in the early 1800's, and again in the 1900's; the library; post office for over 100 years; and a stage stop.